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Floral carpets: the perfect choice for interior decoration in 2023
Floral rugs are designs with natural patterns such as flowers, leaves and branches, that are popular in a variety of styles from classic to country. Bright floral carpets presented in Gold, Lotos, K..
New collections of carpets: Oksi, Fayno, Stefany! Check it out
  Whether you're looking for a great piece to update your interior or just want to add something new to your home, OKSI's collection of rugs and runners is sure to complement any spac..
The most popular carpet designs of 2023: which ones are you should choose?
    For those who like simplicity in everything, carpets with a minimalist design are ideal. They have simple patterns or may not have any at all, but at the same time, they make the ..
New collection of carpets by KARAT LLC - Stefany
  Stefany collection carpets impress with their brightness and designs. Rich colors will not leave anyone indifferent. This collection will revitalize any interior, become a bright accent, a..
Own production of yarn by KARAT LLC
    KARAT LLC has its own production of high-quality yarn for making carpets. All carpets and tracks: high-pile, pile-free, for children's rooms, kitchens and corridors are made o..
Happy New Year !!!
    The year 2023 will pass under the patronage of the Black Water Rabbit - an active animal, who appreciates the family hearth, warmth and comfort, so we are waiting for you in our s..
New Series LUXURY shaggy
Our new LUXURY shaggy series will adorn any interior. The high pile is super soft and cozy, whether in the living room or bedroom. This is a carpet that will complete your home look. Now you can gi..
Choosing the carpet for children's room
The carpets always provide the feeling of comfort and coziness to the room. It is much more pleasant and safer for a child to crawl and walk on a soft, beautiful carpet than on a hard floor. While g..
Unique Carpet Collection "Fashion"
"Fashion" is a very special collection which is created in accordance with the highest quality standards. Thanks to the combination of two types of yarn, it was possible to achieve excellen..
About PANTONE color of the year
PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri We are living in transformative times. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is a symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through. As we emerge fro..

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Ольга Гринчишина / 11/05/2020
Вибір величезний, а ціна така низька, що навіть не думала, що так буває ))..
Тетяна / 19/12/2021
Дякую за чудовий коврик. Все мега швидко! Якість дуже гарна. ..
Girl Алисса / 03/12/2020
Огромный выбор ковровых изделий сейчас хорошие скидки, покупала ковер здесь, и очень довольна, коврик нереально мягкий приятный на ощупь, хотя я не любитель ковров. Производство наше ,качество отлично..
Олена / 21/08/2021
Дякуємо вам за килими і за швидку відправку . Ще дякуємо , що по розмірам нам все підрізали и оверлували . Все супер .????Будемо ще у вас замовляти . Успіхів вашій компанії і процвітання ...
Катерина / 09/01/2022
Дякую за чудові коврові доріжки Flex, гарні. ..
Наталія / 03/11/2021
Дякую за чудові, якісні коври, доставка, мега швидка, першого дня зробила замовлення в той же день відправили, і на наступний день вже забрала. ..